Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Thoughts On Higher Education

  This is going to be a random journal entry today. I want to talk about what I have observed about higher education. When I was in high school everyone there seemed to pressure you into thinking that you have to go to college. It is sort of like group peer pressure but it isn't. They used fear tactics as well, like showing graphs and charts showing that your earning power is dependent on having the highest degree possible and that if you don't do higher education you would be poor for the rest of your working life. Then you would see someone talking on the news about how higher education is a gateway to better jobs and that you need to do this and pay whatever it costs.

  Now I am not saying or thinking that higher education is bad (especially since I am in enrolled in college right now), I simply just don't like the apparent pressure and the fear tactics that is going on in this country about your eduction. To me higher education should be about self exploration and a broadening of knowledge and thinking. Higher education should not and is not a guarantee to a better future and for better jobs.

  There are some people do not do well in doing higher education and that they might do well doing some sort of trade. Trade schools are just as important to the economy and to the community. Trade jobs also pay good money and these jobs are also valuable as well. So why does it seem that they are shoved aside and ignored as not important enough? At the very least students should be exposed to the trades and it should be presented as another option for them to pursue, instead of just college.

  What are your thoughts about higher education? Should trades be treated equally as another option for students? Is there to much pressure on students to do college? Also feel free to share any other thoughts on education.


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