Tuesday, September 9, 2014


  Here we go for a second attempt to write about a difficult topic for me. I am going to dive in and try and get it out. Poverty is one of my greatest challenges that I need to and want to overcome. It is one of many issues that I face in life (I will talk about those in future posts). Poverty can impact your life in many ways. Mainly it attacks your health, physically and mentally which can make you sink further into poverty in terms of decline in health and depression.

  Some of the things that I still see and hear relating to poverty sort of reinforces the thought/feeling that you will never get out of poverty. Like when someone does a post to their social network or when the news media repeats a comment made by someone important saying something negative directed at the poor, you begin lose hope of getting out of poverty. I am sure some of have seen these posts or perhaps seen pictures circulated on Facebook, Google+, etc... showing some sort of attack against the poor. One recent picture that I saw was trying to get a message across that the poor eat better then the middle class. When I saw that picture and read the comments it made me feel depressed.

  The reality is that poverty means that you have to go without for certain things as long as you possibly can. There is no fine expensive foods filling shelves of cabinets and the refrigerator. There is no eating out. No traveling and exploring the world. Limited options for commuting to services or possible places of employment. Limited access to cultural institutions for learning and exploring. And for many limited access to higher education. There are also no fancy cars.

  Some people also have the notion that if the poor are receiving aid from the government then they should be tested to see if they are doing drugs. Now then what makes these people think this? These people seem to think a.) It is okay to take away your rights to privacy, b.) Because you are poor you are automatically a drug addict. I personally believe that there is no significant difference between the rich and poor for drug or alcohol use.

  Another thing that people think is that "your poor because you choose to be poor". This thought is just not helpful for those struggling with poverty or those trying to aid the poor. No one wakes up one morning and says, "You know what I think I want to poor for the rest of my life". No one ever says or thinks this. I know I have never thought this and I am sure you would not think this.

  I could go on and on with this topic. Though I would like to add one more thing to my post. Overcoming poverty and being financially independent is one of my biggest goals in my life. I truly want to be a productive member of society that pays taxes. I want to see all of my dreams (projects) become reality. I want to give back to the people for all of the assistance/investment that they have made.

  We all walk different roads and face different challenges along our paths. For good or ill it is a journey worth traveling.

Sorry for any errors that maybe in this and other posts. Just writing it proved to be a challenge with all of the self doubt and fear. Anyway I would like to here what you think about poverty, perception's, thoughts, ideas. Share what you think about programs for the poor. Also would like to hear what you thought about my post and what I could do differently and what I did wrong in my writing.


  1. I believe you can still improve yourself.
    I like your thoughts and ideas.

    1. Thank you for the positive comment Joshua Tabo.