Monday, July 7, 2014

First Post

  The first post seems to be the hardest. Or with anything with writing. I find myself fighting... trying to get what I want to say down on paper or screen. It is always a constant battle, against my insecurities as a writer. I worry what other people might say if they saw my writing and the mistakes I've made. I worry what I have to say is not good enough or that the topic is something that should not be discussed by an amateur writer.

  These feelings of doubt did not go away when I wrote the rough draft to my first novel and instead it has only intensified with every writing project that I have started/working on. Perhaps even more so with this blog. With books you are talking about someone else either from real life or from fiction. There is a slight separation from the writer and reader. But with a blog it is more personal and that makes it harder to do.

  Going forward as a writer would require me to overcome these barriers. Everything in life seems to want to test you... to see if you can fight back against your personal demons. Some of use fall to them and walk away accepting defeat. Still others, no matter how many times they fall, they always seem to get right back up to try again and reach for the stars.

  Hopefully I am one of those people who reach for the stars and become a good writer.

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